We’re so delighted to share with you our news that we now have a Patreon account!

Welcome to this new space – Music From the Field

We have so much gratitude for all the support from our fans over the years and we are creating this concept of Music From the Field – the field of all possibilities where we can connect from our hearts to yours through music.

We want you to be part of an experience. We’ll be sharing things like

  • Brand new previously unreleased Rod and Gab music
  • guitar tutorials
  • stories told by us
  • Ask Us Anything chats
  • Behind the scenes news and photos

We have recorded three different styles of covers EPs as well as brand new RyG music.  You can even hear unreleased music from the past that never made it to an album!  Every week we’ll post new content with lots of surprises for you in this space.

Thank you very much for opening your heart to us and we look forward to sharing more of our music with you!