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RyG Charity Auction – Original Artwork from ‘9 Dead Alive’

Rodrigo y Gabriela are offering the original artwork from their April 2014 album 9 Dead Alive, created from broken vinyl, for auction via their philanthropic arm, B Major, to benefit two animal shelters in Jersey City, NJ and Boulder, CO.

Eleven total pieces are being auctioned for charity – one representing each song from 9 Dead Alive, the album cover, and an additional piece not associated with a song. The pieces are one-of-a-kind, limited to 1/1, and are hand-signed by Rodrigo, Gabriela, and the artist, Eugene Serebrennikov (

Each piece is hand-made from broken vinyl record and mounted on 18” x 24” white craft paper. Using a water cutting technique, Serebrennikov molded the broken vinyl to match their corresponding illustrations. Each piece is featured in the liner notes for 9 Dead Alive. Watch a video of the records being created here.

All profits will be split in half and distributed evenly between See Spot Rescued, a canine rescue shelter in Jersey City, NJ, and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. The auctions will be hosted on eBay and will start at $599.00.

The first 5  pieces (1. The Soundmaker; 2. Torito; 3. Sunday Neurosis; 4. Misty Moses; 5. Somnium) will be listed on Tuesday November 4, ending on Tuesday November 11, with each auction ending in 15 minute intervals starting at 7:15 PM EST. The last 6 pieces (6. FRAM; 7. Megalopolis; 8. The Russian Messenger; 9. La salle des pas perdus), plus the album cover and additional piece, will be listed on Thursday November 6 at 7:15 EST, ending on Thursday November 13, and will follow the same 15 minute interval schedule.

The pieces will be posted for auction here

B Major is an advocacy platform created by Rodrigo y Gabriela to raise awareness for non-profit organizations around the world who support causes close to Rod and Gab, including sustainable, healthy living, responsible world-citizenship, and equality amongst all living things.


About the Charities – See Spot Rescued & The Humane Society of Boulder Valley

See Spot Rescued – Jersey City, NJ

See Spot Rescued has a single purpose, to provide a permanent loving home for every homeless dog. See Spot Rescued focuses on saving dogs from high kill shelters in the South, specifically in rural North Carolina, West Virginia and Georgia. All dogs rescued from the shelter are vetted at their expense. They work to make the best possible match between the family and the dog, based on previous history, breed and experience. In addition to being spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped, See Spot Rescued has replaced hips and paid for other life-saving surgeries. They strive to provide veterinary services no matter the medical expense.

Humane Society of Boulder Valley

It is the mission of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley to protect and enhance the lives of companion animals by promoting healthy relationships between pets and people. They were founded more than a century ago in 1902, yet this mission holds true today as they counter animal neglect and cruelty and partner with other animal welfare organizations, sharing the mutual mission of saving more animals’ lives. The Humane Society of Boulder Valley provides shelter and care to more than 8,000 animals each year. Their unique facility includes a behavior modification program, which helps shelter dogs and cats overcome behavior problems; a foster program, which makes it possible for them to help more animals by providing individualized care to those with special needs; and an onsite veterinary clinic that allows us to provide necessary medical support to animals in need.