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Rod Gab & Mogees

Rodrigo y Gabriela are working with Mogees! Mogees is a brand new instrument app that turns the everyday objects around you into unique and powerful musical instruments. It works in conjunction with a small sensor that detects and analyses the vibrations that we make when we interact with the objects around us. It uses a special sound technique to alter their acoustic properties so as to make them musical.

Bruno, the founder of Mogees, met up recently with Rodrigo where they came up with this unique guitar fruitbowl jam on tamacun..


Working with Mogees Rodrigo y Gabriela will release an exclusive version of the Mogees device to concide wth 9 Dead Alive. This branded version will include interpretations of songs from the album created by Rodrigo to work on Mogees, enabling all fans regardless of musical ability to play these compositions.

The Mogess kickstarter project has already been fully funded but if you would like to receive a special Rodrigo y Gabriela Mogees you can pledge £50 or more on the Mogees kickstarter page here.