The latest episode in The Story of Rod and Gab - episode 7 is live now only on @patreon.

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Mettavolution Live is coming on October 2nd. Electric Soul is the newest taste from the spectacular double live album. ⁠

Listen through link in bio ⁠

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Hope you are all having a great Sunday! Don’t miss out tomorrow’s release of Peter Punk! A track recorded just before we started writing Mettavolution. We took several years to write Mettavolution, so we did experimented a lot!!! We made use of a lot of extra elements on several tracks and this is one of them. We didn’t have a name for most of those tracks, only references and gab decided to call it Peter Punk due to my look at the time with all the different colors I dyed my hair with for a while.... anyway let us know what you think, we love so many tracks we did previously the release of Mettavolution and now we are so grateful to have found the right platform to share this and more with you. Remember this is only available in @patreon Send you a big hug !!! ...

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HOLA ! We have a new project out called Music From The Field, and it’s only available in Patreon. If you don’t know what Patreon is here is a video where you can find out more about it. This week we already posted a new track, It’s a track originally written by Astor Piazzolla and the most exciting thing about our version is that our good friend and Maestro @vicenteamigo_oficial is guesting!!!! Next week we have two amazing surprises. We ll release an unreleased track we wrote for our Grammy winning album Mettavolution but didn’t make it, not because we didn’t like it but because it was early on the making of the whole project that eventually ended up as the Mettavolution you know today, so the idea was very different but now we are happy to share it with you because we love the track. And on Friday we’ll release a brand RyG new track dedicated to peace remembering 9/11.... a clue, it has lyrics........ remember you can get Music From The Field and more only in @patreon

Have a great Saturday, we ll send you love and hope. RyG

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We invite you to 'Music From the Field' - our new Patreon!⁠

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News tomorrow... ...

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Details next week of what we've been working on! Sign-up to our newsletter to hear about it in bio⁠

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We're working on something new and exciting for you. ⁠

But before we tell you the details, we want to hear what our music means to you. Tell us a memory you have of an RyG live show. Or the first RyG record you got. Or about your favourite RyG track and why. Tag a friend you shared an RyG concert with. ⁠

What does our music mean to you? Share it with us in the comments. ⁠


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METTAVOLUTION LIVE - available now to pre-order! link in bio⁠

Pre-order Mettavolution Live from either Bandcamp or the ATO store to be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new Yahama GC122MCH solid cedar top acoustic guitar.⁠

Rodrigo y Gabriela’s new album ‘Mettavolution Live’ includes recordings selected from the duo’s 92 shows across cities and festivals in North America and Europe. It is a 13 song collection including their epic live version of the Pink Floyd song “Echoes” from their recent GRAMMY-winning album ‘Mettavolution.’ It also includes new live recordings of the duo’s classics “Hanuman” and “Tamacun.”⁠

Rodrigo y Gabriela played the album ‘Mettavolution’ in full every night as they felt its central theme of music connecting as a positive force for healing and inspiration in trying times. The new live album sees the virtuoso duo operating at the peak of their powers, the perfect balance of melody and metal, fire and finesse, which they have honed over the twenty-plus years of playing together. It will be released in 2xLP, 2xCD and digital formats.⁠

1. Krotona Days⁠
2. Witness Tree⁠
3. The Soundmaker⁠
4. 11 - 11⁠
5. Diablo Rojo⁠
6. Echoes⁠
7. Mettavolution⁠
8. Tamacun⁠
9. Gabriela Solo⁠
10. Electric Soul⁠
11. Cumbe⁠
12. Hanuman⁠
13. Terracentric⁠


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