Good Sunday to all. This quote is another way to say that things don’t happen to us but for us. When we make the effort of changing the meaning of the events that happen in our lives for something that serves us and serves others, life gets easier and much more joyful. For some, all these concepts sound cheesy or hippie but is not until you try things out and experiment with your own body that you can see through it. We wish you have a peaceful Sunday. DOG 🐶 BLESS!! AS COOL-IO IGLESI-ASS SAYS 😉 ...

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This weekend would have been the 50th anniversary weekend of @Glastofest. Instead of the festival, they're broadcasting performances over the years on @BBC.⁠

You can watch our acoustic performance at Glastonbury on BBC4 this Saturday 7pm BST.

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ACTIVIST MONDAY Is our way to invite you to do something for you and for the rest. Here we share some of the organizations and individuals we support, please check em out or find others that you believe can generate the changes you’d like to see in your community. We wish you a very productive week full of realizations that can help awaken the best of you, #activistmonday @la_casita_ecovegana @ourrescue @earthlinged @spaz_hkp @eco.tianguis.sanka @whalesofguerrero ...

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Hard to believe that 1% of humanity have now been forced to flee home. But they cannot lose hope too.
Displaced people around the world need our solidarity and support more than ever - especially in the time of #COVID19.
Please follow @refugees now to see how you can help.

#WorldRefugeeDay #WithRefugees #UNHCR

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAB! Strange times indeed but they are only a sign of great things coming for all of us. As two individuals sharing the same journey, we have faced many challenges through the years and what our experience tells us is that they always end up being great blessings in our lives so in that way we can keep contributing to the world with what we both love the most, MUSIC !! Feliz cumple little sister!! 😘 ...

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Until midnight tonight, our digital catalogue is available on @bandcamp as Pay-What-You-Like. It includes most of our releases including Mettavolution, 9 Dead Alive, Rodrigo y Gabriela & 11:11. ⁠

Our record label @rubyworks are kindly going to donate 50% of the funds taken in today to @masi_movement_asylum_seekers, an organisation who works with asylum seekers in Ireland. ⁠

Link in bio

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Firmemos la petición por favor!
Link para firmar la petición en las historias / please sign the petition, link to sign in stories. #justiciaparagiovanni 🙏

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