Thank you #GoodDayLA @foxla for having Rod & Gab on this morning 🙌🏻 ...

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Mettavolution is up for a Grammy award at this Sundays ceremony, nominated in the 'Best Contemporary Instrumental Album' category! 🤞⁠

Thank you @Matthayesvinyl for this cool animation of the Mettavolution album cover 😎⁠

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Following the success of the exclusive Record Store Day release of The Mettal EP, it will be available to listen/download EVERYWHERE tomorrow! 🎉⁠

1. Battery (Metallica Cover)⁠
2. Seasons in the Abyss (Slayer Cover)⁠
3. Holy Wars (Megadeth Cover)

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Just finished this book, have you heard about this incredible girl? What books are you reading now? Acabo de terminar este libro, sabías algo acerca de la increíble vida de Christina? Que libros estás leyendo ahora? ...

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Thank you @metallica for the seal of approval of RyG's cover of Battery! 🙌 ...

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