Gab is 6 months older than Rod...did you get it right? ✔️⁠

Play the Rod or Gab quiz on our Instagram stories highlights and see how well you know them 👏⁠

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Who has more cats...Rod or Gab?⁠

We're playing a new round of the 'Rod or Gab Quiz' on Instagram stories! See how well you know Rod & Gab! 😎⁠

You can catch up on other rounds in the 'Quiz' highlight on our profile 🤳⁠

By the way...this is Rod's cat called Kombucha 🐈⁠

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Merci Paris for these incredible three nights! You are always in our hearts! Love you so much ♥️ ...

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Thank you for streaming and sharing 'Clandestino' over the weekend! And thank you @spotify @spotifymx for adding it to Novedades Viernes MX (link in bio) 🙌⁠

Rod & Gab play their first of three shows tonight in @letrianonparis 🤘🇫🇷⁠

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