Today we are performing a set for @therubysessions at Home series with @theokatzman 🤘🏼⁠

Tune in at 9pm Irish & UK time / 4pm ET / 1pm PT on their Facebook or Youtube (link in bio)⁠

📸: @margauxmartins

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We've played @therubysessions in Dublin many times before and it's one of our favourite rooms to play. Since lockdown they have taken their shows online for 'The Ruby Sessions at Home' and we'll perform a set for their next episode this TUESDAY 12TH MAY alongside @theokatzman!⁠

Tune in at 9pm Irish time (4pm ET) on @therubysessions Youtube or Facebook. ⁠

They are also raising money for the homeless charity @dublinsimoncommunity. If you can afford to, please donate through the link in our bio. ⁠

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We have a lot of live streams and collaborations coming up over the next few weeks. We're excited for you to see what we have been working on...sign up to our newsletter to hear first!
Link in bio.

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Our world is facing its most serious challenge in a century, and it’s time we all #answerthecall. Join us tomorrow May 1st at 8PM EST for a 24-hour event to uplift & connect our global community on @thecalltounite's FB, YouTube, IG, Twitch, &⁠

Our performance will air on Saturday 2nd May between 5-6pm EST 🎸

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This is a reminder for all young musicians out there to focus on music and only music first before any recognition, if you commit 100% to it the rest will come to you without wasting any energy in it.
The Grammy photo here is just symbolic, it’s great to be a Grammy winner but as a musician you don’t have to get one in order to achieve success. To be able to do what you love for a living is a blessing on its own, but then, giving and sharing that blessing is what brings you joy.
These days, social media gives you the opportunity to make your music available to the world, a tool we didn’t have in 1999, back then we played on the streets only, that was our social media outlet, we didn’t worry if we had 100 people watching us or 20 or 5!! We kept going non stop, we knew our attention was put on the right object which it was music. That’s our advice, don’t get lost on how many views or shares or comments you have on your posts, keep producing music, practicing and mastering your craft, that’s the core of your future success and eventually what will bring you the most joy in life.
#sundayadvice #joyoflife #musiciansadvice #musiccomesfirst

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We really enjoyed taking part in the Mini Masterclass series with #GRAMMYMuseumEXP! Watch through the link in our bio. Thanks for hosting @prucenter 🙌🏻⁠ ...

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Rod & Gab will be live streaming tomorrow on @thecurrent Facebook page! ⁠

Tune in for a performance and a chat! ⏰⁠

1pm : PST⁠
3pm : CDT⁠
9pm : GMT +1 ⁠

Link in bio ⁠

📸: Adam Kennedy

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