METTAVOLUTION LIVE - available now to pre-order! link in bio⁠

Pre-order Mettavolution Live from either Bandcamp or the ATO store to be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new Yahama GC122MCH solid cedar top acoustic guitar.⁠

Rodrigo y Gabriela’s new album ‘Mettavolution Live’ includes recordings selected from the duo’s 92 shows across cities and festivals in North America and Europe. It is a 13 song collection including their epic live version of the Pink Floyd song “Echoes” from their recent GRAMMY-winning album ‘Mettavolution.’ It also includes new live recordings of the duo’s classics “Hanuman” and “Tamacun.”⁠

Rodrigo y Gabriela played the album ‘Mettavolution’ in full every night as they felt its central theme of music connecting as a positive force for healing and inspiration in trying times. The new live album sees the virtuoso duo operating at the peak of their powers, the perfect balance of melody and metal, fire and finesse, which they have honed over the twenty-plus years of playing together. It will be released in 2xLP, 2xCD and digital formats.⁠

1. Krotona Days⁠
2. Witness Tree⁠
3. The Soundmaker⁠
4. 11 - 11⁠
5. Diablo Rojo⁠
6. Echoes⁠
7. Mettavolution⁠
8. Tamacun⁠
9. Gabriela Solo⁠
10. Electric Soul⁠
11. Cumbe⁠
12. Hanuman⁠
13. Terracentric⁠


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Mettavolution - the Live Album will be released 2nd October! 💿⁠

The live version of the Grammy winning album was recorded during the Mettavolution tour in Paris, Winter 2019. ⁠

It features the full length live performance of 'Echoes', RyG's @pinkfloyd cover which is available to listen & download everywhere NOW. ⏯️ ⁠

You can pre-order the live album now. Link in bio⁠


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Details of a new release...tomorrow! 😉 HQ⁠

📸: @ebruyildiz

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Last year, just at the end of a gorgeous summer in Europe we met @m_chedid, best known as “M”. ⁠

We had admired his work for a while, in fact we shared the bill on more than a handful of festivals in France over the years but never met until last September. We went to his top notch studio in Paris, and we spent a couple of days working on this new take of our track Mettavolution, the main idea was to add Matthieu's voice to the equation, that’s what he wanted to do, to sing on Mettavolution! And we gave it a go. ⁠

We loved the experience of being there with all his super cool team of people, techs, friends, his amazing sister Anna (who provided some great backing vocals for the track as well) that it brings so many beautiful memories we wish to share with you through this new version of our song. ⁠

The French section of the lyrics is a poem Matthieu's grandmother wrote and it can be translated as “from heart to heart” which really fits in line with the Mettavolution album concept. ⁠

I managed to sing in this track too, which is something I've been working on in recent years, I’m getting much more confident and it feels great to see the progress of my voice fitting in a project of this magnitude. ⁠
M is a big star in France, for those outside of France that have never heard of him here is my description: M is a magnificent guitarist and composer, he’s a showman, he's the biggest version that a solo male artist can aspire, he can sell out stadiums, arenas and headline the biggest festivals in France, all on his own!! People love his personality and after spending those days in his studio / home, we can certainly see why he’s so loved. ⁠
Well, we hope you enjoy this twist on Mettavolution with Gab, Anna, M and I. ⁠

Listen through link in bio

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Mettavolution (Au Coeur du Coeur) with @m_chedid out tomorrow! ...

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Proud to announce we are releasing a new version of our song "Mettavolution" this Friday with our friend @m_chedid who warmly welcomed us in his studio last Fall. ⁠

We can't wait to share this with you!⁠

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Good Sunday to all. This quote is another way to say that things don’t happen to us but for us. When we make the effort of changing the meaning of the events that happen in our lives for something that serves us and serves others, life gets easier and much more joyful. For some, all these concepts sound cheesy or hippie but is not until you try things out and experiment with your own body that you can see through it. We wish you have a peaceful Sunday. DOG 🐶 BLESS!! AS COOL-IO IGLESI-ASS SAYS 😉 ...

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This weekend would have been the 50th anniversary weekend of @Glastofest. Instead of the festival, they're broadcasting performances over the years on @BBC.⁠

You can watch our acoustic performance at Glastonbury on BBC4 this Saturday 7pm BST.

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ACTIVIST MONDAY Is our way to invite you to do something for you and for the rest. Here we share some of the organizations and individuals we support, please check em out or find others that you believe can generate the changes you’d like to see in your community. We wish you a very productive week full of realizations that can help awaken the best of you, #activistmonday @la_casita_ecovegana @ourrescue @earthlinged @spaz_hkp @eco.tianguis.sanka @whalesofguerrero ...

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