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Foc / Re-Foc

Announcing Foc / Re-foc 2CD + DVD Deluxe Package

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The previously unavailable debut album from Rodrigo y Gabriela alongside their first official release and exclusive DVD featuring a classic live TV performance from 2002.

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The two albums in this collection are the foundations of Rodrigo y Gabriela. The album Foc was recorded in their small flat in Dublin in Spring 2001. The songs they recorded had been composed during their time travelling across Europe, and drew inspiration from the cities and people they had met. Their recording equipment was no more elaborate than a simple Korg D8 digital recorder set up on a coffee table between them. A home made and early work it was sold from their guitar cases on the street to listeners passing by.

The album re-foc was an attempt to re-imagine some of those early compositions with an expanded sound, while also adding newer songs.  re-foc would go on to be the first official release in record shops, and was for many people their initial introduction to Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Foc has never before been released commercially.  As the sound of Rodrigo y Gabriela developed over the years into what it has now become, they felt that this early, almost tentative work was best left to this learning period of their career. In a similar way, the expanded ‘group’ sound that they achieved on re-foc was also something which they would move away from on future albums choosing to focus more on the direct sound of just two guitars.  Now it feels like the right time to shine a light in the attic, and these albums are now presented in a deluxe hardbound book featuring the two albums on CD and a DVD featuring Rodrigo y Gabriela’s debut TV performance.

This deluxe package is available to pre-order now and will be released on 27th November 2015. Pre-order and you will receive four tracks from the album to download right away.  This package is only available from and will not be sold in shops.

DVD – Other Voices: Songs From A Room


Also included in this packcage is the first ever live TV performance by Rodrigo y Gabriela. Recorded for the famous Other Voices TV show the set was performed shortly after the release of re-foc.  The set features six classic Rod and Gab tracks in the intimate and beautiful venue of St. James’s Church, Dingle, Co. Kerry.

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